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4More than just a vital organ, the heart represents the wholeness of the body- a spiritual center through which we connect to God, and where stirrings of love and emotion come to life. The Spiritual Heart guides you to happiness, fulfillment and healing.

Testimonials . . . As a physician who cares about people I know the path that Bruno has taken. When we choose life and follow our heart we are never separated from our Lord. When we have spiritual and sacred hearts the potential for healing built into us by our Creator can be manifested. Read on and learn the truth.

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An empowering survivor’s experience from the darkness of cancer to the light of healing.  A “must have” for any cancer patient or family member.
3This book guides you to search in yourself.  You will gain a clear vision of life and achieve a new experience of inner peace.

This is a book filled with wisdom presented in a concise and touching way. If you seek to be a survivor then read on and learn how to have your heart make up your mind and how a curse can become a blessing and make you strong at the broken places. The experience shared here can be your guide, coach you and help you to achieve your goals. So show up for practice and read the words that will touch you deeply. I know from my experience the truth is spoken here.
~ Bernie Siegel MD
Author of Faith, Hope & Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul” From his own cancer experience, Dr. Bruno Cortis, a   respected cardiologist, has crafted an inspiring guide that is consistent with the science of mind-body medicine. HEAL YOUR CANCER can be a lifesaver for people confronting this challenge.  I recommend this book not only for cancer patients, but also for those who love and care for them. ~ Larry Dossey, MD Author of  THE POWER OF PREMONITIONS and REINVENTING MEDICINE Dr. Cortis shares his experience as a cancer  survivor and as physician, showing how to mobilize our spiritual energy for healing. ~ Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

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“A brilliant affirmation of the inseparability of body, mind and spirit. Written with deep spiritual insight, it will save many lives.” America’s number one killer, heart disease, devastates more than 1.5 million people each year. Often more difficult than the physical trauma is the sense of lost purpose and forgotten happiness. How can you be a good heart patient and a spiritual, loving person when life is suddenly a succession of medicines and hospital bills? Heart & Soul, as well as offering sound medical advice, is a modern philosophy for happy, health living. This valuable addition to the mind/body movement will add years to your life and love to your heart.

The Spiritual Heart     click here to order
Meditations for Health and Happiness – PDF eBook

“Dr. Bruno Cortis will show you a path to healing and opening your heart and spirit to a new, healthier lifestyle. ” ~ Bernie Siegel, M.D. “Dr. Bruno Cortis writes from the heart-for the heart. This is a much needed and very important book.”
~ Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. 

Every day, 2,400 people in the United States die from heart disease. How is spiritual well being linked to a person’s physical health? In this series of reflections, Dr. Bruno Cortis, a board-certified internist and cardiologist, believes that the spiritual power of healing is as real and important as medication and surgery. Although this book contains a great deal of practical advice for heart patients, The Spiritual Heart is designed to be read at any time for understanding, inspiration, or solace. With this many essays, exercises, and meditations, Dr. Cortis leads readers on a reflective journey that will help all of us enjoy happier and healthier lives.

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