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Bruno Cortis, MD FACC is a Cardiologist, Assistant Professor at Rush University Medical Center and a Visiting Professor at Guadalajara.  Bruno has authored three best-selling books:  Heal your Cancer, Heart and Soul and The Spiritual Heart

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Dr. Cortis inspires you to communicate with your heart, the core of your
spiritual domain, and to mobilize it’s healing forces of unconditional love
and forgiveness .

How To Live To 100
Heal Your Cancer
Tools for Tough Times
Learning to make stress work for you not against you.
Patient-Physician Relationship and Community Education

Your Benefits:
• Achieve vibrant health
• Reach peak productivity
• Find more joy
• Prevent employee burnout
• Reduce expenses
• Reduce personality conflicts

Your presentation touched over 1300 of our caregivers both professionally and personally.
– Christine Schultz-Adams, Aurora Health Care

The entire audience was hypnotized by your passion for healing the human heart and soul.
– Karen Wyble, Heart Hospital

Bruno’s Mission Statement:
Inspire people to live healthier, balanced and more fulfilled lives.

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