The answer to stress

People are always asking me for ways to reduce stress. In todays era we live a life of complex demands and tight timelines.  We look for simple and effective strategies to simplify our life.

Today’s insight addresses this point.  Apply to yourself these ideas: in essence the solution to stress lies in changing the way you react to it.  Working on your personal growth is rewarding.  I invite you to try.

Look at “STRESS” as  an acronym that contains the solution in itself:

S –  SILENCE: in silence we can find inner peace.
T – TIME: an invitation to spend moments in “timeless” experiences where we lose the sense of time.
R – RENEWAL: life events  impact our philosophy of life and may trigger physical, mental and spiritual renewal.
E – EVOLUTION: behind every stressful experience there is a lesson to be learned, if we ask ourselves : “What  is there to be learned ?” Transformation is part of personal development.
S – SIMPLICITY: an invitation to simplify our life.  There are things we must do; others we love to do; finally there are those who are not a must nor a pleasure, but that we keep on doing as a habit. Just weed out the latter ones.
S – SPIRITUALITY: in this domain lies the solution to our quest for healing.

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