We become anxious when our attention is far from God. As we draw close to him and abandon ourselves with faith, we will feel His love and protection. If we cannot add a moment to our life span, says the Lord, why be anxious about the rest? For God is merciful and he will never abandon us.

Proverbs 12:25       Anxiety in a man’s heart depresses it, but a kindly word makes it glad.

Isaiah 35:4             Say to those whose hearts are frightened: Be strong, fear not! Here is your God…he comes to save you.

Jeremiah 32:40       I will make with them an eternal covenant, never to cease doing good to them; into their hearts I will put the fear of me, that they may never depart from me.

John 14:1               Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and faith in me.

Philippians 4:6–7    Dismiss all anxiety from your minds. Present your needs to God in every form of prayer and in petitions full of gratitude. Then God’s own peace, which is beyond all understanding, will stand guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.



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