Healing The Heart -The Spiritual Heart and The Bible

Dear Friends,

May this information touch your heart and change your life.

Every day more than 2,000 Americans die of Cardiovascular Disease. During my 30 years of cardiology practice, I realized that, in addition to medical care, people need a spiritual force for the restoration of their own wholeness. This power is the spiritual heart, the body spiritual center. You connect to God through your spiritual heart where healing takes place. The book provides the reader with valuable, immediately useful resources for a spiritual awakening.

  • Fifty two scriptural meditations
  • Simple techniques to communicate with your heart
  • How to use your heart intelligence
  • A complete list of Biblical passages on the heart
  • As you meditate on these sacred verses, you allow them to move from your Mind to your Heart
  • ┬áHealing The Heart helps you learn that the healing of your physical heart happens through your spiritual heart. Click Here For A Short Video

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